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Media Buying

  • A guarantee of an increased number of requests from contextual advertising from your site
  • More than 10 times we change the strategy and ads
  • Specialists with certifications, and most importantly - a lot of experience
  • Maximal increase in the flow of requests by 56 times
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We take customers away from your competitors

We use a service that allows us to identify clients who come to your competitors from Dubai and around the world. Lure clients with the best contextual advertising in Google and increase efficiency by 45%


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Audit of the market situation and all competitors
Before proceeding to the setup, we must assess the whole situation: to understand who the target audience, how you are better than your competitors, the attractiveness for the CA, the main objections. We calculate the future contextual advertising strategy in advance.
A set of actions:
  • Study of the client's niche
  • Marketing research
  • Setting goals for the future company
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Analysis of the data obtained
  • Context audit
Setting up contextual advertising
We write ads, we test headlines and pictures, we test contextual strategy. We study people who do not want to order from you.
A set of actions:
  • Google AdWords
  • YouTube context
  • Mobile applications.
  • After setting up you already get the first orders, and we start contextual optimization.
Setting up
Pursuing CA
Pursue your target audience correctly, wherever they are. Bringing it back and pushing it down.
A set of actions:
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Sites
  • Mobile Internet
Retargeting/ remarketing works very well if approached wisely and without draining the budget. It's trivial: a client forgets to order, and we bring him back.
Analyze the context
At this stage we will try to lower the budget and make the cost of the attracted client profitable. Setting up contextual traffic becomes more effective.
A set of actions:
  • Integration of analytics
  • Implementation of CRM
  • Disabling ads that blew the budget
  • Analytics for all traffic channels
  • Optimization of expenses for context by region
We work closely with your sales department and change the strategy if it starts to work badly. Together with analytics we have raised sales by 25 times.
Sales control at the request
A client came to our agency, we redesigned the page, increased the flow of clients by 27 times. It became 270+, but a month later we got another call: "There are a lot of applications, but no sales. We found out a number of problems:
A set of actions:
  • Could not pick up the phone.
  • Call back in 2 days.
  • No one called back the 2nd time.
  • No CRM system
  • Complete sales mess
Fired ineffective employees on the same day and built a new sales team within 45 days. We set up a CRM and reduced the cost of attracted clients many times over (this project is described in details in the case studies section).
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What if there are no requests?
They will!
What if there are no requests?
They will!
— Fix the page
By changing the headlines, you can increase the conversion rate by 20%.
— Change the ads
Unpalatable ads are often the problem, and the text in them is boring.
— Connect the analytics
Turn off queries that didn't bring in bids, and emphasize where they were.
— We will do our best
Our agency has the strongest team of analysts and contextual scientists: We have already reduced the cost of the request from 300 AED to 26 AED to dozens of clients.
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